About Us

The Putter Pointer is the best new putting training device that will aid you in perfecting your putting stroke. Simply aim the pointer at your target and putt. It is that simple.. The Patented Pointer sits on the center of the putter face allowing you to see where the center of the putter face is at all times. This promotes center face contact and will immediately give you visual feedback where your putter face is pointing at all times. 

Most amateurs make the mistake of hitting either to up on the ball or to low on the ball creating unwanted spin or launch. The Putter Pointer training aid will allow you to practice the correct motion to correct your putting flaws. The Putting aids eyeline sits right over the center of the putter to ensure you are lined up correctly. Simply aim the pointer up or down to correct your problem. The instant visual feedback of the pointer will immediately show you what your doing. The putter pointer is super light weight and will not affect the feel of the putter.  You can easily take the Putter Pointer on and off before or after your round. The Putter Pointer is small and compact and  easily fits in your bag. This putting training aid will help your game. This device can also be used as a golf swing trainer device to help with other aspects for your game like chipping.